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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

The Screen at Contemporary: Funny Girl

21 Nov 2018

The Screen at Contemporary presents its winter 2018 film season, Funny Girl. This season we explore outspoken, quietly rebellious, sometimes nasty and subversive female characters.

Baby Jane is a former child star who was once overshadowed by her younger sister. Years later they now live in a decrepit Hollywood mansion where bitterness and rotting resentments have festered. This cult classic is made ever more infamous by Davies & Crawford’s off-screen feud. This is part horror, part Hollywood parable and, in today’s context, a dark exploration of mythologising female youth.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Dir. Robert Aldrich, 1962
130 minutes. Cert 12


Wed 21 Nov, 6.30-8.30pm

£5 per ticket or buy any 5 tickets from the Funny Girl film season for just £20 - available at reception or by calling 0115 948 9750.