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To Walt with Love

To Walt with Love

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To Walt with Love

Being Human Festival

17 Nov 2018

In ‘To Walt with Love’, Manchester-based male voice choir The Sunday Boys join specialists in literature and modern languages from the University of Nottingham to celebrate Whitman’s life and loves, and his abiding influence on LGBT+ cultures, through poetry, music and image.

The great American bard Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was not only a literary revolutionary and tireless champion of liberty, but also probably the century’s most high profile advocate of ‘the manly love of comrades’.

Established as a gay role-model or icon even before the word ‘gay’ acquired its modern meaning, Whitman has inspired some of the modern era’s most memorable queer writing, by figures as diverse as E.M. Forster, Allen Ginsberg, and two outstanding modernist poets of Iberia, the Spaniard Federico García Lorca and the Portuguese Fernando Pessoa. His verses have also been set to music by dozens of leading composers, many of whom also identified as gay or bisexual men. This event, featuring Whitman settings – both old, and newly composed especially for the Sunday Boys – explores how these artists’ love of Walt enhanced their sometimes troubled relationship with their sexuality, and shaped the identity of an international LGBT+ community.

Sat 17 Nov, 7-9pm
downstairs in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary

This event is part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities