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Walkthrough at Nottingham Contemporary

Walkthrough at Nottingham Contemporary

Events - Talks

From Ear to Ear to Eye

Wednesday Walkthroughs

10 Jan 2018 - 21 Feb 2018

Join us for a different perspective on our exhibition as artists, experts, researchers and academics give short talks in their field of expertise relating to the concepts of explored in our exhibition From Ear to Ear to Eye.
Wednesday Walkthroughs are 45min talks, every other Wednesday at 2pm or 6pm.
Wed 10 Jan, 6pm
James Mansell, University of Nottingham
Mansell explores the cultural history of sound and hearing in From Ear to Ear to Eye.
Wed 24 Jan, 2pm
Bisan Abu Eisheh, University of Westminster
Abu Eisheh’s art work on aural history and geographies of conflict shape a new reading of the exhibition.
Wed 7 Feb, 6pm
Anna Ball, Nottingham Trent University 
Ball will offer a tour guided by the politics of language and literary voices from the Arab world. How can we listen to, across and beyond languages? How can sound convey languages of resistance, memory and truth?
Wed 21 Feb, 2pm
Sam Thorne, Nottingham Contemporary Director.
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And don't forget about the Spot Talks delivered by our Gallery Assistants!



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