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The Hard Stop (2015) dir. George Amponsah

The Hard Stop (2015) dir. George Amponsah

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The Time is Now?

Screening 1

04 Feb 2017

The Time is Now? is a series of screenings of Black and Asian films from 1980s-today curated by June Givanni. Read more >>

The first screening in the series is of two documentary films telling the story of rioting against the police followed by a panel discussion with the director, the producer and two cast members of Hard Stop and the producer of The People's Account, chaired by Patcee Francis, Managing Director of Syncopate Media.

The Hard Stop (2015) dir. George Amponsah. 12A

The police killing of Mark Duggan in London, 2011, ignited the worst civil unrest in recent British history and made headlines around the globe. The Hard Stop is an intimate documentary revealing the story, away from all press coverage, of Mark Duggan’s friends and family following his death.

The People's Account (1986) dir. Milton Bryan/Ceddo. 

A documentary about the Broadwater Farm Estate, Tottenham following the death of Cythia Jarrett during a police search. Told from the point of view of the black community which lives there, this is the scene of serious rioting between police and the residents in 1984.

Free, The Space

2 - 5pm

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