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Origami Biro, image courtesy of Tom Hill

Origami Biro, image courtesy of Tom Hill

Origami Biro live in Gallery 3

Origami Biro

Thomas Bloch live in Gallery 2

Thomas Bloch

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Thomas Bloch and Origami Biro:

Soundtracks - live performances in the galleries

14 Aug 2010

Nottingham Contemporary’s galleries will reverberate with music as two very different musicians supply soundtracks for the two exhibitions.

Renowned classical musician Thomas Bloch will play the glass harmonica in the Gert and Uwe Tobias exhibition. This rare and beautiful instrument was first premiered in 1762. More than 100 composers, including Mozart and Beethoven, wrote works for it. However it acquired a sinister reputation – its vibrating sound was thought to drive listeners mad – and it fell out of favour. Only around 15 people in the world can currently play it. Bloch has worked with Radiohead, Gorillaz, Tom Waits and Marianne Faithfull.

Tom Hill of Origami Biro will use a 50s record player, found objects and guitars to build a sonic picture, inspired by the photographs of Diane Arbus. “Imagine if photographs not only captured images but sound as well,” he says.

Galleries 1,2,3 and 4, 10am - 6pm


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