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Flannery O'Connor, Wise Blood (Faber and Faber Paperback). Image by MS

Flannery O'Connor, Wise Blood (Faber and Faber Paperback). Image by MS

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The Study Sessions: Women Writers in the US South

Flannery O'Connor and the God-Haunted South, with Richard King

26 Sep 2017

The Study Sessions are a series of informal reading and discussion groups. This series will focus on different versions of the American South as realised in the work of four of its authors. More>>
Flannery O'Connor was a believing Catholic in an overwhelmingly fundamentalist white Protestant South. Thus her treatment of religious is often two-edged-fascinated by the religious sensibility but critical of the Protestant religious culture. Wise Blood explores these issues in a sometimes humorous and sometimes painful fashion. John Houston's film Wise Blood is also successful in capturing this complex reality.
For this first session Richard King would like us to read and watch:
- Flannery O'Connor, 'Wise Blood' (1952)
- Film 'Wise Blood' from 1979 dir. by John Houston (avialavbe on YouTube).
Free, The Studio
Richard King is emeritus professor in the department of American and Canadian Studies at The University of Nottingham. His research is concerned with American culture and politics, and race relations including black/white ethnic issues. He has authored influential books on the subject such as, Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom (University of Georgia Press, 1996), Race, Culture and the Intellectuals, 1940-1970 (John Hopkins University Press, 2004) and Arendt and America (Chicago, 2015).




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