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Broken Parliament Vol. V, Friends with Books, Hamburger Bahnhof. Image courtesy of Lorenzo Sandoval

Broken Parliament Vol. V, Friends with Books, Hamburger Bahnhof. Image courtesy of Lorenzo Sandoval

Events - Talks

Shadow Writing (Lace / Variations)

Conversations on Computation, Lace and Labour

26 May 2018


Project Space


"Shadow Writing (Lace/Variations)" is a new commission by artist and curator Lorenzo Sandoval for Nottingham Contemporary's project space. It presents a space for encounters in a setting made of a modular furniture system that can provide different combinations. It works as a hosting place for meetings, a display system, and a library. 
The space and modules will be activated through a series of talks and conversations on histories of computation, reproductive labour, and domestic space within the realm of the lace industry.
3pm – Introduction by Lorenzo Sandoval and Alba Colomo 
3.15pm – Presentation by curator Eva Wilson on histories of computation, mathematics, looms and photography
3.45pm – Nottingham Lace: A story of connecting threads. Presentation by Gail Baxter from the Nottingham Lace Archive
4.15pm – Q&A
4.30 pm – Conversation between Louise Shelley and Marissa Begonia on The Grand Domestic Revolutions Goes On project and The Voice of Domestic Workers group and campaign
5pm- Q&A discussion
5.30pm – End
Free. Booking required

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Speaker Biographies

Eva Wilson is a writer and curator based in London who is currently working on a doctorate thesis at Freie Universität Berlin, researching the concept of virtuality and the virtual image in the 19th century. She was part of the editorial team of documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens, director of Schinkel Pavillon Berlin and curator at Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21), Vienna. She has published widely, and, together with Adam Gibbons, is commissioning editor of the forthcoming book series “ ” (published by NERO), which looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices. 
Gail Baxter is a co-founder and director of the Lace Research Network. She has completed a practice based PhD: Re-viewing lace in archives: Connecting the lacunae.The research considers the ways in which lacunae in archives challenge the conventional meaning of museum text and therefore the meaning of objects. It also looks at the relationship between the lacunae in the archive and the established reading of the archive as the solid foundations of historical accuracy. In 2016 Gail was a Research Fellow at Nottingham Trent University. She was working with the University's Lace Archive on a project which sought to uncover the educational pedagogy of lace design in the first half of the 20th century.
The Voice of Domestic Workers was established in 2009. It is an organisation of migrant domestic workers who work in private houses in the UK, and is active in campaigning to restore and improve the rights for domestic workers and for making domestic work visible in society. Marissa Begonia, coordinator of The Voice of  Domestic Workers was involved in the ILO C189, ‘Decent Work for Domestic Workers’ negotiations at the invitation of TUC, Unite the Union and other campaigns involving J4DW.
Louise Shelley is Collaborative Projects Curator at The Showroom where she has coordinated the Communal Knowledge programme since 2010. Communal Knowledge is a series of collaborative projects with local and international artists to propose and activate approaches to critical engagement with The Showroom’s social and cultural surroundings. Communal Knowledge is critically engaged with the possibilities for a gallery education programme to work in ways that respond to artistic practice and different contexts. This is articulated through producing work, events and alliances that address the role of art operating within and responding to themes including pedagogy, work/labour, feminist legacies, precarity, the dialectic of social re/production, and class and gender. She is also a member of the Cinenova Working Group, a non-profit organisation dedicated to distributing films and videos made by women.