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Screening: The Institution

Courtesy of the Artist's Estate and LUX, London

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Screening: The Institution

Directed by Ian Breakwell with Kevin Coyne

14 Apr 2015

The Institution (directed by Ian Breakwell and Kevin Coyne) emerged from Breakwell’s work at Rampton Hospital as part of the Artist Placement Group which placed artists within Rampton and Broadmoor high security hospitals. Breakwell’s experimental documentary is a critique of the institution of mental health care and is more directly articulated in a report co-written with a group of architects on the proposed top-to-bottom restructuring of Rampton Hospital that was proposed at the time he made the film.

This screening will include a conversation and Q&A with Making Waves


Free, The Space

Making Waves is a peer-led survivor and lived experience organisation which challenges ideas about madness and current understandings of people who have experienced altered states and/or mental distress.

Making Waves workers Julie Gosling and Caroline Fox also research at the Institute of Mental Health, within the Open Futures Network  which is survivor and community led, bringing together local groups and local services, artists, activists, health professionals and academics within collaborative and dynamic partnerships for well-being.

Current research explores areas such as traumatic roots of psychosis; dialogical spaces for difficult narratives and community opportunities arising from Martin Luther King’s concept of Creative Maladjustment.

The PINE initiative (Partnerships In Nurse Education) is a 'lived experience' teaching programme led by Making Waves and delivers to all cohorts of mental health nursing at the University of Nottingham.  Romany Bradley is a survivor presenter within this programme. 



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