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20 Fingers (2004), 74 min dir. Mania Akbari

20 Fingers (2004), 74 min dir. Mania Akbari

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20 Fingers (2004)

dir. by Mania Akbari

06 Jan 2018

Mania Akbari, one of the most remarkable Iranian female directors, shows her latest works in a series of screenings at Nottingham Contemporary. 
This film will be show in Farsi with English subtitles.
20 Fingers (2004), 74 min
dir. Mania Akbari
Mania Akbari’s first feature 20 Fingers (2004), the winner of the Best Feature Film award at the Venice Film Festival in the Digital Cinema section, stars Bijan Daneshmand and Akbari herself (here writing, directing and acting)
Divided into several episodes, the film explores relationships within the confines and conflicts that arise from Middle Eastern traditions and social conventions. The film follows a man and a woman as they engage in a form of role play, by having different conversations to do with the nature of power relations within the idea of the couple. Although these conversations address universal issues on the whole, they acquire a sharper edge by taking place in a country where women are clearly in a more subordinate and dependent position than men. Unsurprisingly, these dialogues are more often than not tinged with jealousy, exposing a feeling of powerlessness about that which we cannot control, be it women or sexuality, as well as airing playful insinuations around the idea of homosexuality.
A film in several episodes, exposing some of the issues of men and women within the confines of tradition and family life in Iran. Each episode displays a different form of male/female interaction. The placing of the actors in a moving vehicle or against a moving backdrop signifies the movement of life despite all the obstacles in its way. The film deals with the roots of dependencies, limitations, power struggles and conflict that are the familiar stuff of life of couples in the Middle East.
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