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Luke Daniels - Revolve & Rotate

Luke Daniels - Revolve & Rotate

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Luke Daniels - Revolve & Rotate


29 Apr 2017

Described by Songlines as “a future classic” and by Acoustic Magazine as “an enchanting delight”, BBC award-winning singer and composer, and soloist on Lord of the Rings and Hobbit soundtracks, Luke Daniels, brings his solo show to Nottingham Contemporary.

Using an original 19th century Polyphon machine as part of the performance. Live, clockwork and sampled sound beautifully crafted into modern morality tales and intriguing instrumental music. Luke’s work as a member of the Cara Dillon Band or Riverdance Orchestra sets his pedigree at the very highest level and promises a night of outstanding acoustic songs and music. 

“Intense, poetical and dark yet recounted through a rich tapestry of pleasing melodies”- R2 Magazine

“Exceptional songwriting and intricate guitar work” - Songlines Magazine

“Virtuoso melodeon music” - Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2

“A new force to reckon with” - The Guardian


Please note, this event is suitable for over 18s only.

Doors 8pm



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