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Image courtesy Jenna Bliss.

Image courtesy Jenna Bliss.

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Into This Recovery Center

Jenna Bliss

08 Apr 2015

For this new performance, Jenna Bliss draws on the history of the Lincoln Detox in the South Bronx, New York. In the 1960s and 70s, the South Bronx was one of the poorest communities in the United States and was consumed by heroin addiction. As a result, in 1970 the Lincoln Detox was initiated following the occupation of Lincoln Hospital by local addicts. Think Lincoln, a group of doctors from the hospital, members of the Young Lords and The Black Panther Party, as well as community health workers from the Health Revolutionary Unity Movement (HRUM), together launched a drug detox programme.

The performance will be followed by a response from Graham Caveney, Julie Gosling and Caroline Fox (Making Waves). Making Waves is a peer-led survivor and lived experience organisation which challenges ideas about madness and current understandings of people who have experienced altered states and/or mental distress.

Acting Out Nottingham 2015 is the first themed programme created from the success of Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 from its new base at UAL. It presents a curated programme of performance, exhibition, moving image, music and discussions – bringing together the arts and mental health.

7pm - 9pm

Free. The Space

In an anxious society drugs, both legal and illegal, are what we internalise to effect our way of ‘being here’ (or ‘there’). In this performance, Bliss looks at what society considers as drugs, and how state law, foreign policy and agencies such as the CIA, influence the definition and availability of drugs. Bliss brings together diverse elements that trace the history of Lincoln Detox to the present day, allowing spheres of social engagement to be exposed, disrupted and reassembled. The performance will use some Eastern practices already used by the clinic to think through our own anxiety in the West.

Into this Recovery Center is part of Acting Out Nottingham, curated by PSY. Commissioned with the South London Gallery.


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