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Collabor-8 X Fan Club: Reclaim the Dancefloor

Collabor-8 X Fan Club: Reclaim the Dancefloor

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Collabor-8 X Fan Club: Reclaim the Dancefloor

Exhibition Closing Event

24 Nov 2017

Get your dancing shoes on! We’re teaming up with Fan Club to host a leaving-do for the States of America exhibition and we’ll be celebrating the success of the Reclaim the Night march.

Fan Club will be on the decks, so it’s guaranteed to be groovy.

We’ll be displaying the banners made in our Collabor-8 X Fan Club: Banner Making Workshop event and used at the Reclaim the Night march, as well as showing photos from the march. There’s also going to be a zine making station-  we’re aiming to create a digital zine which will document the march and our thoughts around it.

*This event is for 15-25 year olds as part of the Youth Programme at Nottingham Contemporary, but all ages welcomed.

Safe Space Policy.
Fri 24 Nov, 8-11pm

Downstairs in the Café at Nottingham Contemporary.


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