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Image courtesy of Hannah Regel

Image courtesy of Hannah Regel

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All Consuming: Perfect Peaches, piled, awaiting pressing fingertips

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 Event by the New Midland Group.

29 Sep 2015

An evening of performances curated by Rebecca Ounstead (Artist and Public Programmer at One Thoresby Street) by Bloomberg New Contemporaries artists Lauren Godfrey and Hannah Regel.

Hannah Regel will give a short performative lecture, using the title All Consuming... as a point of departure, and weaving this into the larger narrative of her own artistic practice and her ongoing attempts to quit smoking. Hannah will discuss perishability, preservation, shame, spoilage and the problem of what to do with the energy form that is feeling, which is to say an urge, and turning it into information.

Lauren Godfrey presents a partially participatory performance exploring attempts to subvert and claim space on both a vast and intimate scale. Drawing liquid lines between audience members and re-enacting moments of filmic abandon; all poised within the atmosphere of a timeless Parisian dive bar.


This event coincides with the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 exhibition, 17 September - 31 October. Hosted by the New Midland Group, supported by an additional programme of events at Nottingham Contemporary, New Art Exchange and Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery. The New Midland Group is a consortium of three artist-led organisations: Backlit, One Thoresby Street and Primary. All of whom support the development of art and culture in Nottingham, by providing spaces for both the production and display of artwork.


6.30 - 8.30pm

The Space, Free


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