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Monday, 22 July 2013
Pinhole Photography
Carly & Martin, guest artists

In this world of DSLRs, HD mobiles and whiz-bang 3-D movies, our eyes bedazzled from every angle by photo-shopped faces, awash in the light of 16 million colours, every snap instantly uploaded: Have you ever stopped to think about how it all began?

And that's just what we did when the Studio at Nottingham Contemporary, became a bustling workshop and a darkroom for the evening.

Young people from the Meadows and Clifton Youth Clubs and members of Get Involved 17 came together to view the hidden history of photography through a pinhole...

Upstairs, the Mark Leckey exhibition featured Miroslav Tichy's homemade camera, meanwhile downstairs the group in the Studio made their own cameras using nothing but cardboard, gaffa tape, a pin and a old tin can.

In the glow of the red lights, the assembled cameras were each loaded with photographic paper.

The photographers then set up outside and proceeded to stand still for six minutes whilst their pinhole cameras captured the light and exposed images. Then back inside to the lab, gloves and goggles on, to reveal beautiful pictures, all taken the good old fashioned way!

The final delight came when we saw the group using the cameras in their phones to invert the negative images. An unexpected clash of the present with the past.

Carly & Martin are Nottingham based film-makers, artists, makers, builders, gardeners...

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