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Monday, 28 May 2012
The life and times of a gallery intern

By James Fairclough, Media Intern, Nottingham Trent University

Never in a million years did I ever think to myself that I would be stepping foot into Nottingham Contemporary as an Intern, but that’s how life gives you lemons and this placement turned out to be the sweetest lemonade of them all.

When I first came to Nottingham on an open day the gallery was still incomplete and I didn’t know my way around Nottingham at all and now three years down the line I end up coming to the university. It’s funny how I ended up coming back to this building after my first visit to see how magnificent the Gallery has become.

My first task at the gallery was on the 27th of January which was the first opening of a new exhibit in 2012. The exhibition was Thomas Demand and DAAR, Common Assembly and my job was to go around the galleries and take photos of the opening as people came in with drinks held in hand to admire the exhibit. I really enjoyed my first night on the job and I felt that I had proved myself to be a competent intern.

I’m nearing my forth month of placement and realising that my time is drawing to a close but I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been here and I’ve worked with such a lovely staff that it really is going to be a shame when I finish. Everyone who I’ve worked with at the gallery has been so nice and I’ve felt I have learnt so many practical skill which I can use in the workplace and during these four months. I’ve been a part of so many different events and I’ve worked on various different areas of media and communications such as streaming live events, designing posters, photographing events, helping to set up The Space, various bits of video work and updating the websites images, videos, and events.

One of my most memorable moments at the gallery (Because there have been so many!) was during light village family event on the 10th of February and it was my first few weeks. I was still getting settled in and I was given the opportunity to help out with the Learning team by setting up the tables and paper tents they were going to use for the event. After set up I was asked to help with one of the tables as a ‘shadow puppet maker’ and to tell you the truth I enjoyed making the puppets more than the children did but this really gave me my first real look into working with families and I really enjoyed the experience. The skills I’ve learnt at the gallery are invaluable and I will carry each of these lessons into my future as I strive to complete my Media Degree and hopefully this won’t be the last time the gallery hear from me.

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