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Friday, 28 June 2013
Adventures in film and animation
Carly and Martin

Until recently a Friday night out for us meant going to the Meadows Youth Club - where we were involved in a 10 week creative project.

Inspired by the exhibition themes at Nottingham Contemporary, and fuelled by the wonderful imaginations of the young people, we set off on an adventure to explore film and animation.

The group tried everything from stop motion and hand-drawn animation, to green screen filming and special effects. They filmed, improvised, storyboarded, scripted, directed, sung and made props, developing their skills and understanding of filmmaking along the way.

Over the weeks we visited them, the group became a proper film crew – they took charge of the boom, clapper board, camera, lighting, direction, acting, and sound. The resulting short films are a marvellous and wonderful selection of fun ideas and stories.

During some sessions we turned our thoughts to what we value - linking to the artworks of John Newling and Peiro Gilardi – they used film and pixilation to ask and answer the question “What's Important to You?”. Their answers ranged from hair and beauty to friends and family and they used animation to show their relationships with music, games and different generations.

After the workshops the group gave us some enthusiastic feedback,

“It was fun and a chance to learn new things...I learnt things you can do with a camera...I learned how simple animation and film can be!”

And the Meadow’s Youth Group staff said they were excited to see the group taking part,

“It was wonderful to see so many young people participating in an activity they have never tried before...everything was made by the young people”

The film premiere took place in May, with popcorn, performances and a full audience to enjoy the results of the group’s hard work. Many developed a real understanding of filmmaking, which we hope they'll continue. We look forward to welcoming them to a creative workshop at Nottingham Contemporary in the future.

Find the films on youtube here

Carly & Martin are Nottingham based film-makers, artists, makers, builders and gardeners.

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